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CE 716 EROSION AND SEDIMENTATION Pierre Y. Julien , Fall 2005 Assignment #1 Chapters 1,2, and 3 due September 7, 2005 Problem # 1 (20%) 1a. Consider a 6 m high container that is 0.5m x 0.5m at the base. A cubic meter of water at 10°C is added and sand is then poured from the surface until the volumetric concentration reaches 25%. If the sand is maintained in suspension through constant mixing, determine the following properties of the mixture in SI units: level of the free surface, volume of sediment, concentration in ppm, specific mass of the mixture and dry specific weight of the mixture. 1b. Stop mixing and wait until all the sediment settles at a dry specific weight of 93 pounds per cubic feet, determine the following properties of the deposit in SI units: height of the deposit, dry specific mass, specific weight of the deposit, void ratio, and volumetric concentration. Problem # 2 (15%) Use the method of dimensional analysis to determine the dimensionless parameters for the sediment discharge by weight Q
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