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Test__3_Study_Guide_Spring09 - Authentic leadership Framing...

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MGT 325 Test #3 Study Guide Chapter 11 – Communication (7 questions) Communication process Direction of communication Errors in communication Nonverbal communication Rumors and grapevines Choosing the right medium for the message Tannen’s research on men and women and communication High vs. low context cultures Chapter 12 – Basic Leadership Theories (13 questions) Trait vs. behavior theories Ohio State/Michigan Studies Managerial Grid Contingency Theories Fiedler’s Theory Hersey and Blanchard’s Theory LMX Path-Goal Vroom-Yetton (Leader-Participation Model) (Note: you will have to know names and what theories go with the names!) Chapter 13 – Contemporary Leadership Theories (8 questions) Charismatic leadership Transformational vs. transactional leadership
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Unformatted text preview: Authentic leadership Framing Deterrence-based trust vs. Knowledge-based trust vs. identification-based trust Chapter 14 – Power and Politics (13 questions) What is power? Bases of power Influence tactics Impression management tactics Sexual harassment Chapter 15 – Conflict Management (10 questions) (Primarily from lecture) Four Ps Third parties Dual Concerns Model – dimensions and conflict handling modes Bases for resolving disputes Lecture on Negotiation (9 questions) Integrative vs. distributive negotiation Key elements of the negotiation process Model of Distributive Bargaining (Zones) Distributive Tactics Intangibles in a negotiation Why integrative negotiation is hard to achieve...
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Test__3_Study_Guide_Spring09 - Authentic leadership Framing...

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