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Final Assignment – COM 240 – Due by Monday, December 8 th , 5:00pm NAME: ______________________________ PID: _______________________ TA’s Name: __________________________ Recitation time: _____________ For open-ended responses, please write legibly and provide details. Please respond to any 5 of the questions below. 1) Thinking back on the semester, what’s the one thing that you will remember 5 years from now about the course? (must be content related and please explain why) 2) Explain your leadership role in the group (and what you did well and what you would do differently next time). If you do not feel you had leadership role in the group, explain the situation and what you would do differently. 3) What are your next steps that you are setting for yourself to help you achieve your future career, professional or personal goals. (Provide your goal and list and explain at least 3 next steps). 4. In an interview, you will most likely be asked about your strengths and weaknesses (or opportunity for improvement), what are you going share (please explain).
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Unformatted text preview: Strengths: Weaknesses/Opportunities for improvement: 5. When Bob Fish from Biggby Coffee ( visited class, he talked a lot about the culture at their stores. Explain the culture that Biggby employee’s try to create at their stores and some of the goals they are trying to achieve. 6. When Scott Ferguson from Macy’s visited class he mentioned that the best way to learn about an organization (what it does well and what it could improve on) was to talk with “frontline” and long-term employees and hear about the company from their experience and perspective. Explain why this is effective and what new managers might achieve from talking to these employees. 7. You’ve spent many weeks creating an organization. Do you think the organization could be successful as your group has presented it? If not, what changes would need to be made for it to work. Please explain either response....
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Final_Assignment-_fall_08 - Strengths...

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