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COM 240 – Fall, 2008 --- Group Assignment, Designing an Organization Part 1 (30 points) Due: Oct 16 Part 2 (100 points) Due: Dec 4 Presentations (20 points) Due: Nov 13 or Nov 20 For this group project you will create an organization based on many of the topics presented in class and present your organization to the class. The goal of this project is for students to learn, apply many course concepts to their organization, be creative and have fun! Your group will consist of approximately 4-5 students. There is a lot to do for this group project, therefore you should be organized and stay on top of the assignments throughout the semester. Group members will be evaluated by the TA based on his/her own assessment of each member’s contribution to that group’s project as well as the group’s assessment of each student’s contribution. Also, please make a note that a group member may be dismissed from the group if s/he is not performing sufficiently (based on the group’s concern and the instructor’s assessment). If a member is dismissed from the group, s/he must complete the entire assignment independently, and will automatically lose 10% of the total score before his/her assignment is graded by the TA. It is an expectation that each student contribute as much as possible to the group’s project. Additionally, groups will be finalized during recitation of Week 4 (Sept 18th). If you fail to come to recitation during Week 2, Week 3 and Week 4, you may also be required to complete the assignment individually. Designing an organization For this component of the project, your group will create an organization of the group’s choice (must be approved by TA). The organization that you create must be a new, start-up organization (no older than 1 year). The goal of this component is to have you apply material and information that is presented in class to your organization. Though you can use your creativity and ingenuity, the organization should be realistic and also have the potential of being very successful in today’s economy and market. Keeping the number of employees in your organization between 25 – 100 is recommended. How to get started : Brainstorm about a variety of different types of organizations – think of service organizations, product organizations, as well as ones that provide both a service and a product. Think about local companies, national companies and international companies. Your group should design a company that is large enough to create detailed information about all the different aspects required for the project (see bulleted list below). However, you are not allowed to copy an organization that already exists. Throughout the semester during most of the recitations your group will be given substantial time in class to discuss a number of aspects concerning organizations and you will need to apply these aspects to the organization that you have created. Many of these aspects will cover what has been presented in lecture such as organizational structure, culture, assimilation, etc. As you will
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group_organization_assignment-fall08 - COM 240 Fall 2008...

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