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Unformatted text preview: Culture What is culture? What type of culture do you want in the future workplace? How do we experience culture at MSU? What are the values? What are the cultural artifacts? Deal and Kennedy say..."You'll have a strong culture if you have the following.." Values beliefs/vision Heroes individuals who exemplify those beliefs Rites/Rituals ceremonies through which organization celebrate values Cultural Network communication system through which values are instituted/enforced Some Themes for Excellent Organizations Bias for Action Close Relations to the Customer Entrepreneurship Quick, but thoughtful reaction (without excessive planning) Know the needs of the customers, gear decisions/actions toward customers encourage employees to take risks with new ideas Some Themes for Excellent Organizations Productivity through People Stick to the Knitting Positive/respectful relationships among management and employees Stay focused on what they do best, avoid radical diversification Avoid complex structures/divisions of labor Simple Form/Lean Staff Cultures are emergent Cultures are not unitary Cultures are socially created through interactions There are a multitude of subcultures On a piece of paper... Your name, PID TA name, recitation time Write 45 bullet points of what you think describes the IDEAL MSU experience over the course of the undergraduate years On Thursday... Structure Culture Org Chart Com Network (network analysis) Cultural Network how values are communicated ...
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