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Chapter 1 Chapter Outline INTRODUCTION 1. Introduce the basic topics covered in the chapter. 2. Emphasize homeostasis as a major theme in every chapter of the book. ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY DEFINED 3. Define anatomy and physiology and their subdivisions. Anatomy – the science of body structures and the relationships among structures. o Embryology – the time when the egg is fertilized – 8 th wk in utero. o Developmental biology – fertilized egg – adult form o Histology – microscopic structures of tissues o Surface anatomy – anatomical landmarks on the surface of the body through visualization and palpation o Gross anatomy – structure that can be examined without microscope o Systemic anatomy – structure of specific systems of the body such as the nervous or respiratory system o Regional anatomy – specific regions of the body such as the head or chest o Radiographic anatomy – visualized through x-ray o Pathological anatomy – structural changes associated with disease Physiology – the science of the body functions – how the body parts work. o Neurophysiology – functional prop. of nerve cells o Endocrinology – hormones and how they control body functions o Cardiovascular physiology – functions of the heart and blood vessels o Immunology – how the body defends itself from disease-causing agents o Respiratory physiology – functions of the air passageways and lungs o Exercise physiology – changes in cell and organ function as a result of muscular activity o Pathophysiology – functional changers associated with disease and aging. 3. Emphasize the inseparable interrelated nature of anatomy and physiology: a chemical, cell, tissue, organ, or system possesses a specific structure to perform a specific function. LEVELS OF BODY ORGANIZATION 5. Define each of the following levels of structural organization that make up the human body: chemical, cellular, tissue, organ, system, and organism. Chemical
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CH1 Outline - Chapter 1 Chapter Outline INTRODUCTION 1 2...

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