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ch06 - Chapter 6 Chapter Objectives INTRODUCTION 1 Describe...

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Chapter 6 Chapter Objectives INTRODUCTION 1. Describe the major tissue types associated with the skeletal system. 2. Describe the role of osteology in the understanding of bone structure and disorders. FUNCTIONS OF THE SKELETAL SYSTEM 3. Discuss the functions of support, protection, assistance in movement, mineral homeostasis, blood cell production, and triglyceride storage. STRUCTURE OF BONE 4. List and describe the parts of the long bone. HISTOLOGY OF BONE TISSUE 5. Describe the four types of cells in bone tissue and their function. 6. Describe the chemical components of bone. Compact Bone Tissue 7. Describe the histological features and their functions found in compact bone tissue. Spongy Bone Tissue 8. Contrast and compare the structure and composition of spongy bone versus compact bone. 9. Discuss the use of bone scans as a diagnostic procedure to indicate bone abnormalities. BLOOD AND NERVE SUPPLY OF BONE 10. Describe the distribution of blood and nerve supply in bones.
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