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Chapter 10 Chapter Objectives INTRODUCTION 1. Describe the primary function of muscle. 2. Define myology. OVERVIEW OF MUSCLE TISSUE Types of Muscle Tissue 3. Describe the major structural and functional differences among the three types of muscle tissue. Functions of Muscle Tissue 4. Describe the four key functions of muscle. Properties of Muscle Tissue 5. Describe the four special properties of muscle tissue. SKELETAL MUSCLE TISSUE Connective Tissue Components 6. Describe the non-connective tissue functions of the superficial and deep fascia. 7. Point out how the descriptive terms are related to the three levels of connective tissue that contain progressively larger groupings of muscle cells. 8. Describe the role of the tendon in muscle structure and function. Nerve and Blood Supply 9. Describe the route and purpose of motor neurons and blood vessels that service each muscle cell. Microscopic Anatomy of a Skeletal Muscle Fiber
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Explain the role of myoblasts and satellite cells in muscle development. 11. Discuss the connection between the sarcolemma and the Transverse tubules. 12. Describe the makeup of sarcoplasm. 13. Describe the myofibrils and the membranous sacs that encircle them. 14. Explain what is meant by muscle atropy and hypertrophy. 15. Explain how the arrangement of the thick and thin myofilaments form the observed sarcomere structural patterns of the myofibril. 16. Explain how the molecular components of thick and thin filaments fit together to form their respective interactive units. 17. Describe the muscle damage that can occur following exercise. Muscle Proteins 18. Describe and give the functions of the three kinds of proteins found in myofibrils. 19. Explain the role of dystrophin CONTRACTION AND RELAXATION OF SKELETAL MUSCLE FIBERS The Sliding Filament Mechanism 20. Illustrate the progressive overlap of the thick and thin filaments as they pull the A disc toward the center of the sarcomere, and the result on the length of the fibril, fiber, and muscle. 21. Define
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ch10 - Chapter 10 Chapter Objectives INTRODUCTION 1....

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