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ch11 - subcutaneous injection and oral medications...

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Chapter 11 Chapter Objectives INTRODUCTION 1. Distinguish the tissues that constitute the skeletal system. HOW SKELETAL MUSCLES PRODUCE MOVEMENT Muscle Attachment Sites: Origin and Insertion 2. Define the terms origin and insertion. 3. Show the relationship between the usual location of the belly of a muscle and the more mobile bones of its insertion. 4. Describe tenosynovitis and its possible causes. Lever System and Leverage 5. Define lever, fulcrum and mechanical advantage. Compare the three classes of levers on the basis of placement of the fulcrum, effort, and resistance, with respect to examples of muscle systems on the body. Effects of Fascicle Arrangement 6. Identify the various arrangements of muscle fibers in a skeletal muscle and relate the arrangements to the strength of contraction and range of motion. 7. Compare the advantages and disadvantages of intramuscular injection to
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Unformatted text preview: subcutaneous injection and oral medications. Coordination Within Muscle Groups 8. Discuss most body movements as activities of groups of muscles by explaining the roles of the prime mover, antagonist, synergist, and fixator. 9. Examine the effects of stretching for range of motion and mobility of soft tissues. HOW SKELETAL MUSCLES ARE NAMED 10. Define the criteria employed in naming skeletal muscles. PRINCIPAL SKELETAL MUSCLES 11. Identify the principal skeletal muscles in different regions of the body by name, origin, insertion, and action. 12. Identify and discuss the various clinical problems associated with the different muscle groups. DISORDERS: HOMEOSTATIC IMBALANCES 13. Describe the prevalence and cause of common injuries related to running. 14. Describe compartment syndrome, its causes and untreated outcome....
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ch11 - subcutaneous injection and oral medications...

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