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Unformatted text preview: a Em tte ue tiq il E Source: Corel Clipart September 22, 2009 Lehman & Dufrene 1 Advantages of Email Facilitates information flow Various locations Time zones Increases efficiency Reduces costs Reduces paper waste Fast communication Paper trail Reflective response September 22, 2009 Lehman & Dufrene 2 Disadvantages of Email Once you hit send, you can't take it back Does not convey true emotion Slow response time Lacks privacy Risk of miscommunication Records conversation leaving paper trail September 22, 2009 Lehman & Dufrene 3 Email Guidelines & Etiquette Use e-mail for appropriate messages Send short, direct messages Do not send e-mail evoking emotion To and Subject must be completed Provide a useful subject line To the point Short Revise "reply" subject lines Use an appropriate salutation and closing September 22, 2009 Lehman & Dufrene 4 Email Guidelines & Etiquette cont. Use one topic per e-mail Sequence ideas Return e-mails in timely manner Do not attempt to "discipline" your reader Avoid SPAM DO NOT TYPE IN ALL CAPS Do not type in all lower case Use verb if action needed Lehman & Dufrene 5 September 22, 2009 Email Guidelines & Etiquette cont. Beware of e-mail viruses and hoaxes No emoticons in business writing Send to "All" only if it concerns everyone September 22, 2009 Lehman & Dufrene 6 From: "Lara Davis" To: Subject: hi hI KATHY, i am sending u the assignmnet again. i had sent you the assignment earlier but i didnt get a respond. If u get this assgnment could u please respond . thanking u for ur cooperation. September 22, 2009 Lehman & Dufrene 7 From: "Lara Davis" To: Subject: Information Needed Regarding Applicant Judy, University Police is considering hiring Student X to work at its front desk. We need to know if he is in good standing before Human Resources can finalize his paperwork. Please forward information about this student's admission status to Ms. Terri Hatcher at UPD and Ms. Felicity Huffman in Human Resources. Thanks, Lara Davis (Signature file) September 22, 2009 Lehman & Dufrene 8 Email Formatting Guidelines Include appropriate salutation and closing Limit message to one screen Keep line length and paragraphs short Use mixed case Use emoticons and e-mail abbreviations in moderation Include signature file Proofread message Lehman & Dufrene 9 September 22, 2009 Elements of an Effective Subject Line Helps reader sort through a crowded mailbox Describes content in an understanding way Will be meaningful in the future Is followed with a restatement of the subject September 22, 2009 Lehman & Dufrene 10 Examples of Effective Subject Lines Poor: Information on XYZ Project Improved: Input Needed on Transit Project Poor: Hi Improved: Need your help with writing assignment Poor: BUS 271 Improved: Question about homework assignment Poor: Emily Day Improved: Having difficulty finding article for oral briefing September 22, 2009 Lehman & Dufrene 11 Benefits of Email Reduces paper waste Conveys convenient communication Reduces telephone bills Reduces telephone tag and Interruptions Eliminates time barriers Allows one message to be sent to multiple recipients September 22, 2009 Lehman & Dufrene 12 Email Shortcuts Set up and use distribution lists Attach a stored signature block Keep an electronic copy for yourself if necessary Develop e-mail organization habits September 22, 2009 Lehman & Dufrene 13 Technology and the Law Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA) Privacy for Consumers and Workers Act Fourth Amendment Fair Information Practices Act (FIP) September 22, 2009 Lehman & Dufrene 14 Voice and Wireless Communication Update greeting Check regularly Speak slowly and clearly Give name Phone numbers Less than 60 seconds Observe wireless quiet zones Respect others Think safety September 22, 2009 Lehman & Dufrene 15 ...
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