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bioe10-fall05-final-Conboy_and_Kumar-exam - BioE 10 Final 1...

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BioE 10 Final 1. We have three different E coli colonies (1, 2, 3) arranged as shown below. Each colony is composed of bacteria transfected with and expressing different plasmid vectors (1,2,3) that enable bacteria to change color depending on the conditions of their environment. The (1, 2, 3) vectors that are important to determine the color of each population are shown below. Lactose is always secreted by these bacteria C=constitutively (always)-present activator of gene expression. GFP is expressed unless its promoter is occupied by the lacI repressor in these bacteria. dsRed is expressed only if two conditions are simultaneously met: lacI repressor is not bound and the cap activatior is bound to the dsRed promoter in these bacteria.
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GFP codes for a green fluorescent protein, and dsRed for a red one. No lactose is present in the environment except for the molecules secreted by the colony 1; and this secreted lactose is able to diffuse to the areas occupied by colonies 2 and 3. If regular E coli are “uncolored”, show on two copies of the figure on the left the color fo each one of the colonies after a few hours under the following conditions: I. No glucose is present in the environment. II. Glucose is present in the environment. Keep in mind that you only need to use the gene vectors shown! 2. IL-6 (interleukin 6) is a secreted protein that activates STAT proteins by binding to JAK receptors, which phosphorylate STATs and induce their dimerization and nuclear translocation. In the nucleus, activated STATs bind to promoters and activate transcription of target genes, such as Gif-1 (growth factor independence 1). This promotes cell proliferation via inhibition of cell-cycle suppressors such as p21. A. List 2 genes of this pathway, which when mutated to produce constitutively (always)-
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bioe10-fall05-final-Conboy_and_Kumar-exam - BioE 10 Final 1...

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