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bioe100-spring03-mt1-Budinger-soln - ”l/OTA If-la/i...

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Unformatted text preview: ”l/OTA If ' --la/i Mullah/L NW M9 1. (1 pt) Name one of several situations when a physician rs allowed to break confidentiallty. ' been .9» +9 01¢ch a. . aim/i woi‘A “MW PM) 2. (1 pt) One attitude toward human ekperimentation is the following: Much of our advances in medical research is attributed to the sacrifices of past human volunteer subjects Thus, in accordance with the principle of Justice, everyone is required to reciprocate by serving as experimental subjects to benefit future generations What ethical concept is most in conflict with this argument? & U to g g ,2 M g 3. (3 pts) Consider the following rudimentary consent form: I am doing a study to determine the effectiveness of my new drug on the common cold. This research could benefit society by curing the common cold Alternative treatments for the common cold include: Nyquil, Tylenol Cold, etc. Your participation in this study IS voluntary i can be contacted via e-mail: [email protected] com. Explicit declaration of consent: X Date: Name three elements that are missing. , :Pr-a'i'oeal atrial: 1 Nib-49W!- expersméwi‘ Ame. 5” 119px,” 517232!an ' C bib-”‘5 ‘1" “W 1M; 1+ M“ We a mfl—ifim 4' (1 pt) What ethical concepts are in conflictinmost dilemmas? 7 can}; :- 5 “£1"— 5! gar-mag and U'fiir‘firiandm 5. (2 pts) The Vice President of a company overhears a conversation between two employees in which one of the employees claims that he saw hazardous waste being disposed of improperly by company executives. Obviously, the VP considers this to be a dangerous situation and would have a high probability of stopping the activity if he blew the whistle. After all other lines of action have been explored, should the VP whisteblow? (1 pt) yesféai (1 pt) give a one- -sentence explanation: R‘mmi‘i'y 119+ Muftéd if Adm-5a?! 6 (1 pt) What IS the underlying ethical theory/principle of Risk- Benefit Analysis? “+le in? Lamina— Nanie 7.(1 pt) If you see a student cheating and do nothing about it, you may be accused of Com F L12 ably .. I 8. (2 pt) Name one situation among several in which a physician does not have to comply with an advanced health care directive. ‘f 9. (2 pts) Give a clear example of gift authorship (20 words) Paper repfiMtaya‘l‘mf .r'ojamaL pages} )3} thL Iv; Ami Mi" Pa“+“‘P‘){—" ' /\ use-win 10. (2 pts) What is the difference between copyright andppfi'agiarism? (10 words) MOP "m Him merrily—{Lg}. 'PZRfiQ-ifmiiis bruéfmn‘iam wields-or" in” a; a r Vi't‘m +0 one 5.414 11. (1 pts) Kant is the originator of a moral theory. known as - i y I {it 4 (:9 \fierxEWrm WWW” “5"?— ‘F estimate; «may 12. (4 pts) Give 4 eiements of a proper application to the Animal Care committee for animal T05 +1 #1 5.41%th experiments. Name 13. (2 pts) Give a clear example of complicity (20 words) Failure: ‘l’b do [our Auty +0 fink; adieu. me:— 14. (4 pts) Your professor who pays your salary and tuition and give you free room in his house, asks you by an e-mail message to do a pilot study on 10 pigs. The pigs are extra from a previously approved protocol. The experiment is to find if the new food additive the professor is working on has toxic effects and he wants the results of high doses for his presentation to the Royal Society in 3 days. .He will be out of e-mail contact for the next 2 days. How will you proceed? (less than 60 words). 5631?} problem: Zfifi Censal'l‘ekz Afiurée 13mm dives? 15. (4 pts) Student Jane observes her lab partner, Jim, is faking data in his lab reports. She is conflicted because Jim has just asked her to coffee and this request is the fulfillment of her romantic dreams about Jim. What should Jane do? (60 words) . blag»; problem? a _ I M l6. (3 pts)PROFOUND THINKING The Columbia accident had some similarities to the Challenger accident you studied in class. Some of these similarities will be evident in a few months, but you already should be able to predict how the NASA administrative chain will be chastised. In particular if you as the administrator had many of the e-mails about the concerns of engineers after the launch and before the tending hour, what should you have done? (Hint: Consider the theories and principles of ethics and the mistake made on the Challenger fiasco) (Less than 10 words only). fnform a§+flsw+3 It Idvtlbhom Eda? Mnlfh‘wfi"? Chi-H5» alt/this +0 in arm #flln}. VPWML ...
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bioe100-spring03-mt1-Budinger-soln - ”l/OTA If-la/i...

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