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Unformatted text preview: IvflDTERM—Sprlng EDD-rt [Men-mun: ts EU} . .~ e. . Jfi F Name Art- ;- r; R s 1- {2 pts] Which eftlte fullest-ring is e strategyr fer melting ejust declsiun en whet site-qu receive the eel}.r gee mask fer ehieterrertet etteelt. Cirele ene. e merit h. eenttillut‘len .mdem seJeetien {drawing straws) :1. Free market value of the individual e. ability F. potential In benefit others 2. (It) pts—de only 5 ef the 11]) Fresh the lettered terms representing eeneepts dime seed in elaes er the reader, 5.3] eet one which is best eetuteeted tn the numbered situations hetnw. Cheese enlgr ene metal er ethieel eeneept which best matches {same terms can be used multiple times and settle terms net at all]. DU only 5—-]:Ieittts eff if mere are tried: Leif“ Poker game lu- Ernhrye stem eell research lLPaying ineeme tax 4. e Phjr'sieiee assisted sniehie fig: i .Hurnen eeperintentetien 7._LLAnstefle Eilhiilla 52'. r» Kent 1% Plagiarism Il._|.-' ,I' a. Ufilitet‘ienism vs. alumnan s I b. Duty vslustiee - F“ .'-'|5'"r - e. End 'usrlfteetlte means Il-PEJMV l“, a. Ufiliim‘lnnism Ififimfi-fiwfl El?» e. Slipperjr'slepe - he“ f. Virtue end rutes ll 3. Duty la- latergenemtianel risk L InsLitutienei Review Beard j. Eieeentrism l-r. Virtue l. Diselesut'e n1. Autenemy :1. Rules il' " FL - eat-“3* Sis-‘3“ kitten £3.12? sit-s '- Heir—E :51 W" _ geutv'ifmwl "—— SgrL-l-Ei . sci-hm“ _. EM hiame nil-i - em 3 a‘tI-_ I. ioajtottfil _ 3. [o ptsj Yum- duty as a manager a a biotech company in marketing department is to maize a profit this year and one way to do this is to not pay the invoices for metrayagant advertisements until next fiscal year. The delay in payments will he only 3 weeks in order to be beyond the close ofthe fiscal year. What are the ethical considerations in making a decision on how to proceed? [4o words or less)- as i" I" rh-Er I | .e E . '.I in E t {fl—El‘hflkFD-t’hy atrsifs .r -4L.:i is: e“ ' r = .' -' -. _' a] m :Ii ll.I EJflflfif fi-igllrjlgLfi-d _ ll__I._l|-""'l_|__ 3;. h' {29. E r; {spar-Ly e. inane; 4- {4 pts} Business or corporate ethics can he thought of as the ethics of'a competition such as sport eotnpctition, or a contest where the goal is to win or to malts money. Home some methods whereby a corporation can establish guidelines or rules 1which would help employees fiom being involved in unethicai or questionable behavior. {10 1retards}. a a I. as p_ IL.-:""_d'i- "_ - _.L- .-: -II — I -'I. 2st,... .—_'.I -.-:1'.'-I-'!-i= "-_- ‘5 . qlfifldfl -_- : -_\_- Lap-LA- -L 2L. -'i. “a " .-' .- -~-. _ I 5' — M..L -r__.-'n_.|'_—_rot I'I l' '_ .l . P {Hut u-s. __ _l t” t f- item—exf-‘u _ t _'._ $1.: $_+:II-l.-r_-|_-".r . I" .' ital":- l-._.u-,._.t_ ot-t-tu—u'h y“ .1 antaci— ==a" Jennies t' :1. is his} a convicted nturder is on 1tieath ronr and is in serious need of a Iddnoy as the dialysis no longer is adequate to lteep her alive until the date for execution. Before conviction the criminal 1eras on a transplant list and is flflw at the top of the list. You are the chaiunan of the state's ethics committee and are asked to make a determination regarding the handiirtg, of this situation. Hote the rule of behavior in prisons is to give all inmates the maximum health benefits within the practical capabilities oftite penal system- In less man 30 words show how you maid approach the solution to the dilemma. L:_ ill-“'istt-I- aim—i lair-'"qu' o , fight-rev starts-rm- .- ,. _ - I. _ ." u )i Lil-9.x? r-‘ssf, amidst—{afi— a 1L, “lit” attend—Ian __ J'l-ee Penile god-i1.“ _ fi-s. et Ii:.s-::r eyelids- ie-dMTI I I I "prlf‘lrfiflt'il' "II-1'15! HI- Lr'JflcltJ #3:": H 53*: Fee—i! .Lttnafl '1':— éfirétsfiLns-h §gL+§iJI ' . _-1 H" reap-Eats“: ? . . . I _ _ t'lr'l'" ninety Tt- ammunnfi -""' " 5":“3 fl'fi'l'.‘ ml: e-E pH- '-"F :1!— Name 3:". “Ll 5;- (he? :5. {2. pts} From the chcices helcw which principles or theories are in conflict ITJCI st often in corporate ethics“? {select only one of the pairs} a. Utilitaiianism ant! interganeratione] rial-r (“j—EI- Ifity acdflsiiepl': EL Virtue and henefioenee ti Nonmaifesa-nce and consequentiaiisni e. Kerri and duty T. {2 pts] Give an example ofa situaticn where. duty and the end justifies the means are arguments which prevail over nonmalf‘essence.[atcmic bomb drop_is not one] iEtt'fi here «ts-ts,- L-‘c; w Fists-r." watt .2 is H TEFL; _' E. {2 ptsJThere is a river that supplies water to a small town ofo' on. There is a nearby city of iflfilflfl first is in a drcuflt, and desperately needs water- You decide to divert the river, ieaying the small town dry but you do suppiy water tc die tot-tot. Winch ethical theoryr was escrci seti here? I__..| rl' ._'. 1—,:- aim-5.59.: 9. [2 ntsj Religions and most cultures throughout history refer to this concept as that which underlies aoceptalile human behavior [1 1 words or less]. {a s 4'- aEtL- KIJLE 1i}. {4 ptsj 1iJihat modification cfthe design strategy is useful for corporate ethic-IsI 11. [:4 ptsj List the oondificns in be considered before whistie Huntington mare than 3 words]. [1] Fitter hi my ‘5} yo E E L 1:] Til-Psi EiLLTt‘ i 11} Lift-’7" Each-T Haiti-Ia: est-TE? rtEcoa a; 12. [2 pts} The Columbia ind Challenger eecid eats had a common moral principte violated- Though the prcper application of this principle may act have circumented the end results, the fact it 1aras not applied is grcmids for declaring the managers negligent in their moral duty. What is the principle'ir fi' [AT :1 Pctl'fiiy 13. {2 pts} Conaequentialism is aJsc ianetsn as is.” ' . 14- {4 pts} Eapiain the difference between anthropocetttisrn and hiooenttism in {if miiifiidiiii' [it at at H are“ Free err-t _ I _ 3 I U 5 yl.t-.-'.rit«i',t1til fitti— eff is EIL’Ti'J'i tl-utx', HE'- !«' r. Hittite: 15- {E pts} Name three reasons scientific misconduct is prevalent in the biologic and medical science literature as well as thher scientific literature- ' -.-."l . _ it"s-tactic list-twi— .- __ -fi_ _ _ -.a-,._ _I..I-.:I Hfia'iizs‘is'iztft “Til .' Hr'w sit-fl“ ;.-l-1lllrfi I'll-11' _ 'I 51 I- l.| _ I J— I. I. I- I.- which! 1* “fir r 3-" “Hi”? |' r .- I r l- Allfll' iJ-L I'L _ I P. .— g.. I r-.__'. .r I "r ' __-I :- l .a- .-:.t-- .-.-I. If I... - .e"? , ,_, "' - -‘- we r’ J'rflr'r'f-l I'i “’5! -" 1sir I " int-n: its sepia-u at t r' e ...
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bioe100-spring04-mt1-Budinger-soln - IvflDTERM—Sprlng...

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