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bioe100-Spring06-mt-Budinger-soln - MIDTERM SPRING 2006 1(8...

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MIDTERM SPRING 2006 1.(8 pts)Name 8 of the 13 possible stake holders in a Business Ethics dilemma. CUSTOMERS, STOCKHOLDERS, DISTRIBUTORS, SUPPLIERS, GOVERNMENT, GLOBAL COMMUNITY, ENVIRONMENT, BOARD OF DIRECTORS, EMPLOYEES, FAMILIES, LOCAL COMMUNITY, COMPETITORS, DECISION MAKER 2. (6 pts) For each of two (2) of the in-class debates, pick one side of the issue and provide an argument for it. For each of the debates you choose, list at least two moral theories that were in conflict and how you determined which had priority.(limit to 30 words for each debate). I.SERIAL KILLER WITH BRAIN ABNORMALITY TO EXECUTE OR TREAT AS A MEDICAL PROBLEM NON-MALFEASANCE VS. JUSTICE (RETRIBUTION) UTILITARIANISM ( SLIPPERY SLOPE IS NOT STRICTLY A MORAL THEORY) II.COMPUTER TAX TO DISTRIBUTE TO THE POOR AUTONOMY VS UTILITARIANISM AND JUSTICE III.HEART LUNG TRANSPLANT: SECOND TRANSPLANT VS ORGAN TO OTHERS. NON-MALFEASANCE; JUSTICE; DUTY(PROFESSIONAL);DUTY (REPARATION); UTILITARIANISM. OTHER CLASS DISCUSSIONS OF DILEMMAS WERE NOT “DEBATES.” 3. ( 2 pts)Which of the following definitions is incorrect (circle the one)? A. Fidelity: Duty to keep commitments B. Self-improvement: Duty to better oneself C. Ecofeminism: A movement to minimize oppression of females, the underprivileged and the environment D. Plagiarism: Appropriation of another’s person ideas, processed, results, or words without appropriate credits E. Agenda 21: the Rio Declaration of minimizing halocarbons.
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4. (4 pts) Describe 2 emphases to the basic 4 A’s strategy, described in the reader and in lecture, when considering business or corporate ethical dilemmas. 510 292 9754 call me if you have questions
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bioe100-Spring06-mt-Budinger-soln - MIDTERM SPRING 2006 1(8...

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