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Unformatted text preview: Midterm Exam II 4/7/05 Please answer the following questions using only your page of notes and a calculator. Problems 1 & 2 are worth 25 points each, problems 3 & 4 are worth 20 points each, and problem 5 is worth 10 points (100 points total). Useful constants ma~ include c = 3 X 108 mis, po = 4~x to-7 Ns2/C'-, ~ = 8.8542 X to-12 C'-lNm2, and h = 6.6256 x 10.4 Js. (1) The net power radiated by the sun is, on average, 3,9 x Hr6 W. ... . .'."',' ,. '.'.. ".." \A} ~W1IlIl!) IlV IVi)i)~ VII "1'" Ulp .uVIlI "1'" "WlI IV IU'" &.JCUlla, 0""_1 ." II"" 'U"""" ,,"U}lU""""" V' the electric field of the radiant energy arriving at the top of the Earth's atmosphere (1.5 x 1011 m from the sun)? (b) What IS the ampl1tuC1e 01 tile magneuc nelO-( (c) Assuming the transmittance of the atmosphere (-10 km hIgh) is 50% and the Beer's law absorption coefficient a for skin is 2.0/mm, how deep will the light penetrate before it is attenuated to I % of its intensity at the skin surface? (d) If a layer of sunscreen is added that acts like a ND = 1.0 filter, what is the new depth at which the light is attenuated to 1 % of its surface intensity? (2) A single thin lens is used to make a microscope. The distance between the object and its ima~e is kent constant. and different lenses are used to achieve different mamifications. (a) If one lens with a focallengthji gives a transverse magnification of MI. what is the flV'~11"'"oth f.. nfSlnnth_1Pn~ aiv1no tw1r.P. thp. mSlDn1fir.Slhnn f1n tfl!l'm1Z nff. Slntt u.\?...
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This note was uploaded on 09/16/2009 for the course BIO ENG 101 taught by Professor Conolly during the Spring '09 term at University of California, Berkeley.

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bioe101-spring05-mt2-Fletcher_Conolly-soln - Midterm Exam...

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