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BioE 116 Midterm Name:______________________ Spring 2007 SID:_______________________ Please write your name and SID on each page of the exam. Write LEGIBLY and clearly. Only exams written in PEN will be considered for regrades. Part 1. (10 points) Multiple Choice: Clearly mark the letter of your choice in the space provided. (2-pts each.) 1. Which of the following is NOT a change experienced by typical cells undergoing apoptosis? a. Loss of mitochondrial membrane functions b. Cytoskeleton collapses d c. DNA breaks into fragments d. Cell swells and ultimately bursts e. Nuclear envelope disassembles 2. The following are soluble molecules used in cell-cell communication: A. Steroid B. Cadherins C. Nitric oxide E D. Integrins E. Both A and C F. A, B and C 3. When a piece of soft tissue is subjected to mechanical stretch, the deformation of the matrix is due to A. Streching of the matrix fibrils B. Breaking down the integrin and ECM bonds C. Cell deformation E D. Sliding between the matrix fibrils E. A and D F. A, B and D 4. Which of the following is NOT a form of cell-cell signaling: A. Endocrine B. Autocrine D C. Paracrine D. Exocrine E. Neuronal signaling 5. The process of angiogenesis involves: A. Endothelial cell proliferation B. Endothelial cell migration F C. Matrix degradation D. Cell signaling E. A, B and C F. A, B, C and D 1
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Name:______________________ Spring 2007 SID:_______________________ Part 2. (20 points) True or False: Write “True” if the statement is true or “False” if the statement is false. If “False”, provide a brief sentence on why it is false. (2 pt each) 1. Flow cytometry may be used to measure cell proliferation but not apoptosis. False, DNA staining will show a characteristic peak of fragmented DNA in flow cytometry indicating the apoptotic cell population. 2. Cell-matrix binding may involve integrins but not cadherins. True 3. Cell signaling molecules involve small, membrane permeable molecules such as steroids, ions and dissolved gases and non-permeable molecules such as proteins, peptides and nucleotides. False, ions are not membrane permeable. 4. Aggrecan is a proteoglycan commonly found in cartilage. Aggrecan can attract water and ions via its positively charged polysaccharide chains. False, aggrecans have negatively charge polysaccharide chains. 5. During cell migration a cell exerts rearward traction forces at the front of the cell and forward traction forces at the rear of the cell. True 6. Collagen fibers in the extracellular matrix have higher Young’s modulus than elastin. True 7. Immobilization can increase the stability of growth factors. True 8. Hayflick limit is the growth limit for all types of cells.
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bioe116-spring07-mt1-Li-soln - BioE 116 Midterm Spring 2007...

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