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BioE116-unknown-unknown-mt1- solns - BioE 116 Midterm #1...

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BioE 116 Midterm #1 Name:_____SOLUTIONS_ ____ SID:__________________ Page Total = 1 Please write your name and SID on each page of the exam. Write LEGIBLY and clearly. Only exams written in PEN will be considered for regrades. 1. True/False (2 points each) If your answer is false, justify your answer. a) During collagen synthesis, the pro-peptides are cleaved inside the cells before secretion. False. Pro-peptides are cleaved outside the cell by procollagen peptidases. b) 10% deformation of tissue = 9% stretching of bonds + 1% changes due to sliding False. 10% deformation = 1% stretching of bonds + 9% changes due to sliding c) In a parallel plate flow chamber, the shear stress is proportional to the fluid viscosity. False. Shear stress is proportional to y and dp/dx. (We’ll accept also TRUE because of error in class notes.) d) Adult stem cells can only be found in bone marrow and blood. False. Adult stem cells can be found in a variety of tissues including skin, liver and cornea. e) BrdU is a quantitative method to measure the apoptosis rate. False. BrdU measures proliferation rate. f) Inhibition of cell spreading increases apoptosis rate. True. g) Integrins are secreted ECM signaling molecules. False. Integrins are ECM receptors. h) Cells can communicate via direct cell-cell contact. True. 2. (a) You have decided to use a cell-seeded matrix to make a tissue engineered equivalent of cartilage, and there are two main types of scaffold materials available, biological and synthetic. Name four properties of an ideal scaffold and describe how each property is important. (12 points) biocompatible (1): if a material is not biocompatible, it will cause the device to fail and even put a person's life in danger (2) bioactive (1): a scaffold needs to recruit host cells to help populate the scaffold (2) bioconductive (1): cells should be able to integrate the material into the host tissue so the material should allow cell penetration (2)
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BioE116-unknown-unknown-mt1- solns - BioE 116 Midterm #1...

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