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bioe119-Fall1998-mt1-Keaveny-exam - ME 176 Mid-Term Exam...

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ME 176 Mid-Term Exam, Fall 1998 Name: ______________________________ Friday, October 9, Noon–1:00 PM , 1998. Please write all answers in the space provided. If you need additional space, write on the back sides. Indicate your answer as clearly as possible for each question. Write your name at the top of each page as indicated. ______________________________________________________________________________ 1. (30 points total) Forces and Moments, Stability Consider a test for ligament stability whereby the patient is sitting down with the suspect leg not touching the ground (Figure 1). A horizontal force in the sagittal plane is applied to the proximal tibia as shown by the force at A, and then at the distal tibia at B. Both forces have the same magnitude, but are only applied one at a time. Assume that the joint reaction force J (not shown) acts through point a within the knee joint, as shown, for both loading configurations, and that the direction of the quadriceps muscle force Q is the same for each loading case. Address the following using free body diagrams for each load case; treat this as a two-dimensional static problem; and ignore the weight of the leg in your analysis. (i) [10 points] What is the approximate direction of the joint reaction force for each case (a free body diagram will suffice as an answer)?
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