Experiment5 - Todd Chapman tac688 Experiment 5 6-8p.m Introduction Experiment 5 tests the conservation of angular momentum in the absence of

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Todd Chapman Experiment 5 6-8p.m. tac688 Introduction: Experiment 5 tests the conservation of angular momentum in the absence of external forces. The experiment requires an air puck to be placed on an air table and secured to a central post with an elastic band. The puck will be given an initial velocity around the center post and a web cam will be used to record video of the air puck while it is revolving about the center post. The video captured will be processed in a computer program to generate points on a Cartesian plane by breaking up the video into pictures that are taken at equal time intervals. The points will then be used to compute areas swept out by the revolving air puck. I think that my data will confirm conservation of angular momentum by showing that the puck sweeps out approximately equal areas in equal times. Conclusion: My data confirms my hypothesis; angular momentum is conserved in the absence of external forces. My data produced a scatter plot that produced a tight correlation. The data points made a
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