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lab4 - Zoheb Noorani Todd Chapman Experiment 4 Introduction...

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Zoheb Noorani Todd Chapman Experiment 4 Introduction The purpose of this lab is to show that in elastic and inelastic collisions momentum is conserved and that in elastic collisions kinetic energy is conserved while it is not in an inelastic collision. The way that we test these things is by taking 3 different gliders: 2 large ones and 1 smaller one, an air track and 2 photogates. The way that we test the elastic collision is by taking the 2 large gliders and setting one between the 2 photogates still and send the other glider thorough the photogate at a velocity and measure the time it takes to go through the photogates and finding the velocity, momentum and kinetic energy. We repeated this process, but with one smaller one and one larger one. For the inelastic we did the same 2 trials, but instead of running into the bumpers of the gliders we ran the gliders into Velcro that we had attached to the bumpers so the gliders stuck together. We than compared the ratio of the initial and final momentums and kinetic energies.
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