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Zoheb Noorani Experiment 5 Introduction The purpose of this lab is to show that angular momentum is conserved when there is no external force. The experiment had us take a puck and attach using an elastic band to a tack located in the center of an air table. The puck was than given an initial velocity, which was a tangential velocity. Since there puck was attached to the tack the puck moved in a circular motion around tack. As the puck moved in its circular motion we used a webcam to capture the motion of the puck. We than used ImageJ to break the video into screen shots and used the screen shots to put the pucks points in a Cartesian plane. We used the points to compute the area swept underneath the puck. Conclusion Upon completion of the lab, I was able to confirm that angular momentum was conserved as long as no external force was added. My data showed a mostly tight
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Unformatted text preview: correlation and made a linear line that increased slightly. This means that the area produced was within reason of being equal. Due to my areas being close this lets us conclude that angular momentum was the same throughout. Since my slope was slightly positive it means that our air table must not have been completely level for some reason. Error Analysis In my graph you can see that the line is slightly positive so it means that either the ground that the air table was placed on was not level or the air table was not completely straight on the ground. It could also mean that the elastic band was not stretching the same amount each time it went around. Another error could have been that the camera was picking up the air holes as points on the video so ImageJ was picking up some of these points and adding them into the positions....
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