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Zoheb Noorani Todd Chapman Lab 7 Introduction: The purpose of this lab was to prove Bernoulli’s principle. Bernoulli’s principle relates the pressure, velocity and height of a fluid at one place to the pressure, velocity and height of the same fluid at another point. The way that we tested this was we observed the air flow through a long tube and compared it at two points. Although Bernoulli’s principle is usually used to compare fluids that are incompressible, but in some situations air can be considered incompressible. We use this situation as being incompressible so we can carry out the test. We have a tube setup so that the point where the air is flowing in is on the largest opening of the tube and it gets small until it gets to the inlet tube. We measured the pressure of the air in the biggest portion of the tube and then the pressure of the air in between the smallest and medium sized portion of the tube. Conclusion: Upon completion of this lab, we have seen that Bernoulli’s principle was applicable.
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Unformatted text preview: We notice that upon our calculations that we were able to successfully assume that the air was incompressible and were able to carry out Bernoulli’s principal. We found this by using Boyle’s law. We were also able to determine that the air was flowing at about 13.331 mph. Also we found that Pstaga was almost equal to Pstagb, which is what was ideally what was suppose to happen. We found that with the inlet attached the pressure for both A and B went up, which was caused to a restricted airflow towards the end of the tube. Error Analysis: Some of the error that were encountered in this experiment included that the air hoses that went from the tubes to the manometers were lose and would occasionally fall off giving a bad reading on the manometer. There was also the error the inlet might not have been fully attached the tube in the sense that there could have been an air leak....
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