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Study Guide for Test 1 General information There will be approximately 30 multiple-choice questions Questions on the exam will assume you are familiar with both the assigned reading and the in-class material. Test Topics 1. : general approach to segmenting; problem with over-segmenting; criteria for selecting profitable segments; techniques for segmenting: demographic, geographic, values, lifestyles, personality, generational; clustering techniques (PRIZM), psychographics (VALS framework); the big 5; other individual difference/personality variables; targeting based on competitive advantage; guidelines for product positioning. 2. : motivation and high vs. low effort processing; types of involvement; objects of involvement; what affects motivation (4 factors); functional, symbolic and hedonic needs; characteristics of consumer needs; 3 types of needs conflict; types of perceived risk and how marketers might reduce them; how information inconsistent with attitudes influences motivation;
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