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Sample Questions – Test 1 1. A television commercial shows how a young man’s friends approve of his choice of beer when he arrives at a football party. The friends of the beer buyer cheer when he comes through the door carrying the case of the beer, and the announcer states, “Even when your team is losing, there’s still something to celebrate with Masterbrew beer. Be their hero.” This ad would most likely appeal to young male consumers that A. have a high need for cognition. B. have a low optimal stimulation level. C. are high on self-monitoring. D. are low on susceptibility to influence. E. are low on neuroticism. 2. Why are the marketing communications that consumers elaborate on more memorable? A. Because fewer meanings are produced, there is less chance they will be forgotten. B. Because the information is related to prior knowledge and past experiences. C. Because elaboration primarily involves discursive processing. D. Elaboration tends to produce nodes and links with weak trace strength that are then easier for consumers to retrieve.
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