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- 1 - BUAD 310 In-Class Practice 9/10/09 True/False: 1. A discrete random variable may assume a countable number of outcome values. True False 2. An example of a quantitative variable is the make of a car. True False 3. A bar chart is a graphic that can be used to depict qualitative data. True False 4. The population mean is the average of the population measurements. True False 5. It is appropriate to use the Empirical Rule to describe a population that is extremely skewed. True False Fill-in-the-Blank: 1. The point estimate of the population _______________ is the square root of the sample variance. 2. Another name for the 50th percentile is the _____. 3. The standard deviation of a standard normal distribution is equal to _____. 4. Given that X is a normal random variable, the probability that a given value of X is below its mean is ________________. 5. The variable "employment status" which can take on one of two values: 1 for "employed" and 0 for "unemployed" is an example of a(n) _____________ random variable. Multiple Choice: 1. A recent Wall Street Journal poll asked a group of American voters to rate economic conditions in the United States. 23% of the respondents rated economic conditions as “favorable.” Identify the population parameter of interest in this survey. A) Voters selected to participate in the survey B) All eligible voters in the U.S. C) 23%
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- 2 - D) The percentage of all voters who would rate economic conditions as favorable E) Economic conditions 2. Which of the following is a categorical variable? A)
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Practice3-2 - BUAD 310 In-Class Practice True/False 1 A...

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