HW1 - 5 p 122#3.6 6 p 124#3.10[skip part c 7 p...

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- 1 - BUAD 310 Homework 1 Due Thursday, September 10, 2009 in class All problems with page numbers are from the textbook: 1. Below we list several variables. Which of these variables are quantitative and which are qualitative? Explain. a. The balance of your checking account b. The numerical test score c. The ten-point scale ratings d. The lifetime of a battery e. The type of automobile owned f. The motion picture classifications g. The color of a person's eyes h. The thirty-year fixed mortgage rate i. The brands of televisions j. The annual income of a family 2. p. 18 #1.18 3. p. 122 #3.2 4. p. 122 #3.4 [mode is the value that occurs the most frequently in a data set]
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Unformatted text preview: 5. p. 122 #3.6 6. p. 124 #3.10 [skip part c] 7. p. 133 #3.22 [skip part d] a. Calculate only the mean, variance, and standard deviation. Do not compare the formulas. b. “Tolerance interval” just means to use the Empirical Rule to create a range. c. Do what the book asks 8. p. 142 #3.32 [Fig. 3.22 on page 142] 9. p. 142 #3.33 [Also calculate the median, Q1, Q3, and the IQR for the 30-year rates] 10. p. 217 #5.14 [parts a, b, and c only and skip anything regarding Chebyshev’s Theorem] 11. p. 264 #6.28 - 2 - 12. p. 265 #6.36...
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HW1 - 5 p 122#3.6 6 p 124#3.10[skip part c 7 p...

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