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2 BA 3361 Context of Organizatonal Behavior

2 BA 3361 Context of Organizatonal Behavior - #2 The...

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#2 The Changing Context of Modern Organizations Context : background, circumstance, situation, framework, perspective, environment Four issues form the context of modern organizations The increasing diversity of the workplace An emphasis on managing for quality The effects of technology An increasing global orientation Workforce Diversity Refers to variations in workforce composition based on personal and background factors Involves organizations becoming more heterogeneous in terms of gender, race, and ethnicity Diversity brings different world views to the workplace Can produce sub-cultures within the organizational culture (system of shared meanings held by members of the organization) Organizations used to use a “melting pot” approach to diversity- (assimilation) However, the issue is far larger than it used to be, a majority of American workers now exemplify some aspect of diversity Must values differnces This is because the issue is more complex than most people realize Age-ism is as nonproductive as any other type of discrimination Some 65 year olds are younger in mind and body than some 40 year olds Some 20 year olds are more dependable and mature than some 50 year olds Business Week survey Older workers were rated highly for: Punctuality Commitment to quality Ability to perform their jobs Older workers were rated lower in: Accepting new technology Competitiveness Flexibility Learning new skills Prejudice Based on Physical Condition
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There are currently some 43 million Americans with disabilities, 14.6 million are between the ages of 16 and 65 The most formidable barriers are attitudinal, not physical Most people who are not physically challenged don’t know how to treat those who are Legal remedies have been enacted to help break down the barriers However, the most important reason to not discriminate against people with disabilities is not to avoid fines, but to tap into a valuable resource Individual realities that everyone must recognize to cope with the real world Corporate America can be unfair to all Corporate America does not offer unlimited opportunities Image is vital to success Competition is tough and universal Every race and gender has a small % of outstanding performers, a larger % of average performers, and a very large % of mediocre performers Nothing excuses poor performance Everyone must adjust to diversity Discrimination does exist- and shouldn’t be ignored.
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2 BA 3361 Context of Organizatonal Behavior - #2 The...

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