7 BA 3361 - Communication and politics

7 BA 3361 - Communication and politics - # 7 Communication...

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# 7 Communication The Communication Process Model Downward, upward, and lateral communications Small Group Networks and Effectiveness Criteria Research indicates that poor communication is probably the most frequently cited source of interpersonal conflict. Grapevine - informal communication network Grapevine Characteristics Not controlled by management. Perceived by some, even sometimes most employees as being more believable and reliable than formal communications. Largely used to serve the self-interests of those who use it. Results from: Desire for information about important situations Ambiguous conditions Conditions that cause anxiety Suggestions for Reducing the Negative Consequences of Rumors Tell people when you plan to make the important decisions (timetable) Explain anything that appears secretive or inconsistent Acknowledge, even emphasize, the downside of decisions Openly discuss the worst case scenarios Interpersonal Communication Oral Communication Advantages: Speed and feedback, scores highest in terms of channel richness, communicates a maximum amount of communication, provides instant feedback, and offers multiple information cues Disadvantage: Distortion of the message. Written Communication Advantages: Tangible and verifiable. Disadvantages: Time consuming and lacks feedback. Nonverbal Communication Advantages: Supports other communications and provides observable expression of emotions and feelings. Disadvantage: Misperception of body language or gestures can influence receiver’s interpretation of message. Non-Verbal Communication
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7 BA 3361 - Communication and politics - # 7 Communication...

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