8 BA 3361 Conflict and Negotiation

8 BA 3361 Conflict and Negotiation - 8 Conflict Negotiation...

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Conflict One party perceives its interests (including resources) are being opposed or set back by another party Situations That Tend to Create Conflict Incompatible personalities and value systems Overlapping or unclear job boundaries Competition for limited resources Inadequate communication Organizational complexity Unreasonable or unclear policies, standards, or rules Unreasonable deadlines or extreme time pressure Collective decision making Unmet expectations including pay and promotions Unresolved or suppressed conflicts Transitions in Thought Traditional view- all conflict is bad and must be avoided Human Relations view- conflict is unavoidable and natural Interactionist perspective- conflict is good and necessary for a group to function efficiently (shades of Mary Follett) Can be categorized several ways Task conflict- over goals Relationship conflict- based on interpersonal issues Process conflict- over how work gets done Latent or manifest Can be functional or dysfunctional: functional- supports goals of the group and improves performance dysfunctional- hinders group performance Issues today that conspire to make organizational conflict inevitable Constant change Greater employee diversity More teams in the workplace Less face to face communication A global economy with increased multi-cultural dealings Minimizing Inter-group Conflict Work to eliminate specific negative interactions among group members Conduct team building Encourage personal friendships and working relationships across group lines Foster positive attitudes towards other groups Avoid negative gossip and action
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Desired Results of Conflict Management Agreement , equitable and fair Stronger Relationships , build trust for future use Learning
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8 BA 3361 Conflict and Negotiation - 8 Conflict Negotiation...

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