10 BA 3361 - Human resources and culture

10 BA 3361 - Human resources and culture - # 10 Human...

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Human Resources The quality of an organizations workforce is the result of effective hiring practices Interviews Written Tests Performance Simulation Tests Intuition Selection Devices Interviews Are the most frequently used selection tool. Carry a great deal of weight in the selection process. Can be biased toward those who “interview well.” Should be structured to ensure against distortion due to interviewers’ biases. Are better for assessing applied mental skills, conscientiousness, interpersonal skills, and person-organization fit of the applicant. Selection Devices (cont’d) Written Tests Renewed employer interest in testing applicants for: Intelligence: trainable to do the job? Aptitude: could do job? Ability: can do the job? Interest (attitude): would/will do the job? Integrity: trust to do the job? Tests must show validated connection to job-related performance requirements. Selection Devices (cont’d) Performance-Simulation Tests Based on job-related performance requirements Yield validities (correlation with job performance) superior to written aptitude and personality tests. Intuition Performance Evaluation Purposes of Performance Evaluation Making general human resource decisions. Identifying training and development needs. Validating selection and development programs. Was HR effective in their choice? Supplying the basis for rewards allocation, pay increase decisions. Providing feedback to employees. Increasing performance and the worth of human capital Feedback is an important part of the appraisal process Why Managers Are Reluctant to Give Feedback Uncomfortable discussing performance weaknesses directly with employees. Employees tend to become defensive when their weaknesses are discussed. Employees tend to have an inflated assessment of their own performance.
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10 BA 3361 - Human resources and culture - # 10 Human...

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