1 Introduction, & Basic Electrical Quantities

1 Introduction, & Basic Electrical Quantities - ECE 110...

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ECE 110 M.-C. Brunet Introduction (Class Information), Basic Electrical Quantities Handout 1 Introduction to: This is one section of the lecture: Professor M.-C. Brunet Please take 2 handouts Course information These transparencies E lectrical and C omputer E ngineering You can go to any of the sections you want for regular lectures, not for Research Activity lectures….HWs and exams are the same! Lectures cover the same topics, but are not the same and might not be exactly synchronized. Everything is accessible through the ECE 110 website How to reach me: See course info ( e-mail is usually best) How to get help: See course info (your instructors and TA’s have office hours, go to any!! Also ask in 156 EL t h* d b kt i f td TODAY’S AGENDA Course Information & what is expected from you Electrical circuits: Introduction (starting…) for the * red * book to sign for group study ) Basic quantities & circuits Current – Charge Voltage M.-C. BRUNET ECE 110 UIUC 1.1 Getting ready for : THE LAB: What You Must Do Today: See the course website ( Access Laboratory ) Tools (60 EL) – wait for your 1 st lab! THE LECTURE: Get Lecture notes (in 243 or 60 EL ) Read assigned parts BEFORE class! Check NetID/Password J Homework are on the computer! (in the Mallard system) J Conference system ( Compass ) Read the information on course website ll links are available at ttp://courses ece uiuc edu/ece110/ Carefully read the Mallard handout! Check the first homework “HW0” in Mallard, especially “prerequisites” part ( Do Homework ), the deadlines (YOU are responsible for checking them) , All links are available at http://courses.ece.uiuc.edu/ece110/ glitches ( Things to Know about Mallard ). Notice : in Mallard there is course material ( tutorials ) and past exams too!! Get lecture handouts (transparencies) for my section only!) Available on my webpage (see ( y y) y p g ( course website) or get packages (sold in 243 or 60EL).
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1 Introduction, & Basic Electrical Quantities - ECE 110...

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