63883-Ch24 - Process Planning-3e-S 10-19 19/06 Chapter 24...

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Process Planning-3e-S 10-19, 19/06, 06/05/07 Chapter 24 PROCESS PLANNING AND CONCURRENT ENGINEERING REVIEW QUESTIONS 24.1 What is process planning? Answer : Two similar definitions are given in the text: (1) Process planning involves determining the sequence of processing and assembly steps that must be accomplished to make the product. (2) Process planning consists of determining the most appropriate manufacturing and assembly processes and the sequence in which they should be accomplished to produce a given part or product according to specifications set forth in the product design documentation. 24.2 Name four of the seven decisions and details that are usually included within the scope of process planning? Answer : The seven items listed in the text are (1) interpretation of design drawings, (2) selection of processes and their sequence, (3) selection of equipment, (4) deciding the tools, dies, molds, fixtures, and gages that will be needed, (5) methods analysis, (6) work standards, and (7) cutting tools and cutting conditions. 24.3 What is the name of the document that lists the process sequence in process planning? Answer : The document is called a route sheet. 24.4 A typical process sequence for a manufactured part consists of four types of operations. Name and briefly describe the four types of operations. Answer : The four types of operations are (1) basic processes, which determine the starting geometry of the workpart, (2) secondary processes, which transform the starting geometry into the final geometry, (3) operations to enhance physical properties, such as heat treating of metals, and (4) finishing operations, which
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63883-Ch24 - Process Planning-3e-S 10-19 19/06 Chapter 24...

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