63871-Ch12 - AIDC-3e-S 10-16 16/06 Chapter 12 AUTOMATIC...

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AIDC-3e-S 10-16, 16/06, 06/04/07 Chapter 12 AUTOMATIC IDENTIFICATION AND DATA CAPTURE REVIEW QUESTIONS 12.1 What is automatic identification and data capture? Answer : The definition given in the text is the following: Automatic identification and data capture (AIDC) refers to the technologies that provide direct entry of data into a computer or other microprocessor controlled system without using a keyboard. 12.2 What are the drawbacks of manual collection and entry of data? Answer : Three drawbacks are identified in the text: (1) Errors. Errors occur in both data collection and keyboard entry of the data when accomplished manually. (2) Time factor. Manual methods are inherently more time consuming than automated methods. Also, when manual methods are used, there is a time delay between when the activities and events occur and when the data on status are entered into the computer. (3) Labor cost. The full-time attention of human workers is required in manual data collection and entry, with the associated labor cost. 12.3 What are the three principal components in automatic identification technologies? Answer : The three components given in the text are (1) Data encoder. The data are translated into a machine-readable code. A label or tag containing the encoded data is attached to the item that is to be later
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63871-Ch12 - AIDC-3e-S 10-16 16/06 Chapter 12 AUTOMATIC...

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