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paper 1 - another ultimately creating a community Religion...

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Katherine Fox AMST 101 TA Margarita Smith September 17, 2009 What does it mean to be a Mexican-American? Are there specific qualities that differentiate a Mexican from a Mexican American? In the book Becoming Mexican American Sanchez does not attempt to necessarily answer these questions but try to decipher them. Through understanding the roles of Mexican government, family, friends, religion, community, and media Sanchez discusses what has helped Mexicans in the past define themselves as Mexican Americans. A recurring theme is that of stability. Through family, traditions, and most importantly ethnicity are the Mexican people able to establish a sense of stability. In chapter five Sanchez describes the role of the Mexican Government in shaping the “Mexican Identity” or “Mexican Ethnicity”. This concept of ethnicity is the common thread allowing Mexican immigrant and Mexican-Americans to connect with one
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Unformatted text preview: another, ultimately creating a community. Religion, as discussed in chapter 7, acts as a stabilizer as well. By incorporating a common religion into Mexican society that is easily meshed with the “American Way” the immigrant community is capable of an easier transition into the American way of life. There are numerous key themes that string together Sanchez’s book. Another important theme is one mentioned in lecture and in the syllabus, Americanization. The most rudimentary link that answers the questions posed above. ”What are the specific qualities that make one Mexican or Mexican-American?” cannot be answered in one simple explanation. The key to understanding these questions is through understanding the importance of what it means to Americanize....
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paper 1 - another ultimately creating a community Religion...

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