CSC250 Exam2!!!!

CSC250 Exam2!!!! - Name CSC250 Exam 2 1 Take this test...

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Name: CSC250 Exam 2 1 Take this test anyway you want. Fill it out on the word document and submit electronically. Name: Katherine Fox Answer with short paragraphs. #1 through #8 = 10 points; #9 = 20 points. 1. a) Explain to me what a Search or Game Tree is used for in game play. ---A game tree quickly expands the total possible plays of the opponent and the possible plays the computer can make in retaliation. The Game Tree basically displays all the possible plays for all the possible different games. For example, Tic-Tac-To if X moves to the upper left square there are five possible moves in retaliation. A Game Tree compiles all of the possibilities in one game to decide the best counter move. b) What does it consist of and what do these components represent? ---Nodes? Each “node” represents an entirely different possible game and outcome. c) How does it work? ---It will start off with only a few possible counter moves for every possible move, as the game progresses the tree gets substantially larger. 2. a) What is an Evaluation Function? ---In a game network an evaluation function determines a moves worth. In other words, an evaluation function determines what move holds the best potential. b) How is it used? --- It tells the computer which move to make depending on what move was made previously (by the human or opponent) c) Give an example of an evaluation function that we studied in class. Just write the function equation. ---X in Corner O has 5 possible counter moves O’s best move would be the center 3. a) What is a knowledge representation? --- Knowledge representation is the process to try and make computers work like humans beings.
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CSC250 Exam2!!!! - Name CSC250 Exam 2 1 Take this test...

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