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question w6

question w6 - circumstances robots will and do prevail such...

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Katherine Fox CSC 250 May 6, 2009 Question Q: Since robots and AI systems must be programmed piece by piece to learn the basis knowledge that humans refer to as common sense will robots ever reach an intelligence equivalent to a human? To clarify that, humans are constantly learning news things, adapting to the ever- changing world, even words change meaning, new words are added to the dictionary every year. Is it possible for robots to ever reach the minimum requirement of basic knowledge so that we humans will consider them intelligent? And by intelligent I mean programmers no longer need to teach the robots. A: No. I strongly believe that robots will always be on a level inferior to humans. Yes, in some
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Unformatted text preview: circumstances robots will and do prevail, such as math. However, when it comes to learning and adapting robots will never be equal to humans. Never be able to perform tasks with the same ease as a human. While robots are evolving and being programmed with new information every minute and every day, so too are humans. The human race is constantly growing, learning and adapting. The two are moving forward (maybe not at the same speed) making it incredibly difficult, if not impossible, for robots to catch up....
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