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Question week 2 - new limb? A: (As you presented in class,...

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Katherine Fox CSC 250 Question of the Week Q: Many people who have lost limbs say they experience what is called “Phantom- Limb”. In other words they experience the feeling of pain, tingling, or any sensation in their lost limb. With the use of these new AI limbs that move according to what the brain tells them, do people find it hard to transition from limb, to no limb, to
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Unformatted text preview: new limb? A: (As you presented in class, which I find to be the best answer available, and most reliable) It varies. Some people are unable to re-program their minds to teach this new limb to move while others are more able to adjust. Some feel as if they get their lost limb back and others do not feel that way....
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