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history paper - Throughout English history the church and...

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Throughout English history the church and crown have fought over power and jurisdiction. During the mid to late eleventh century Henry II fought and failed for winning power over the church. In the mid fifteenth century Henry VII fought against the church again, but this time was more successful. The relationship between church and state has flip flopped back and forth over the years. Had it not been for the personal relationships of Henry II and Thomas Beckett, and Henry VII and Anne Bolyne these two kings would never have been so influential determining the relationship between crown and church. The eleventh century proved to be a huge defeat for the crown in power of the church of England. Electing Thomas Beckett as Archbishop of Cantebury gave Henry a, what turned out t be false, sense of security within the church walls. As close friends Henry II and Thomas Beckett shared similar interests and ideas concerning government and church affairs. However once Beckett was promoted to Archbishop his loyalty to the crown shifted to that of the church. Beckett’s refusal to adhere to Henry’s commands to restore the power of the church to the crown ultimately led to Beckett’s escape to France . With Beckett out of the picture Henry created the Constitutions of Clarendon. This Constitution dictated the shift in power originally granted to the church. The Constitution
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history paper - Throughout English history the church and...

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