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Discuss the relationship between church and state in England, c. 1154-1547. In your paper, concentrate on the following questions : What did they fight about? Specific examples… power: who it belonged to jurisdiction: what the church could and could not do, what the king could and could not do Henry II and Thomas Becket _____ wanted to elect the bishops, bishoprics etc. And take that away from the church How (and why) did they work together? Specific examples…
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Unformatted text preview: Henry thought Thomas would bring the king more power, they were friends who held the same beliefs and Henry thought Becket would give king more priviledges but becket turned on Henry. Who is more powerful? When? Why? Specific examples How and why does the power shift over time? To whom? Specific examples What HISTORICAL EVIDENCE can you provide to argue your points?...
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