My Writing Process

My Writing Process - ideas and develop them. Usually after...

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Becca Mullally Rhetoric and Composition 1001 Dr. Prodoehl 7 September 2009 My Writing Process My writing process is typically long and thoughtful but also very unorganized. When given the assignment to write an essay or paper on a certain topic I usually write down everything I know about the topic on a sheet of paper. After I have listed everything I know, I will list ideas under each subtopic that I could discuss in my paper. Usually my brainstorming is very scattered and has no specific organization. After I write down ideas I decide on which subtopic has the most ideas to work with. I then take the
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Unformatted text preview: ideas and develop them. Usually after I decide on a topic with some ideas I move straight to the computer to start typing my paper. The strengths of my writing process include my ability to brainstorm effectively, find ideas for each topic or subtopic, decide on the most interesting topic, and think about my options. On the other hand I have many weaknesses in my writing process that include being unorganized, having a hard time with thesis statements, forgetting to proofread my paper for errors, and not thoroughly researching my topic....
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My Writing Process - ideas and develop them. Usually after...

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