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Study Tips for Biology 001 small

Study Tips for Biology 001 small - chapter Answers can be...

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Study Tips for Biology 001 1. Download Study Guides and answer all questions. 2. Even if you highlight the book, you must take your own notes as well. If you don’t feel you have good note taking skills try taking Cornell notes (http://coe.jmu.edu/learningtoolbox/cornellnotes.html). 3. Concentrate on the figures. 4. Do “Test your visual understanding” and “Applying your knowledge” at the end of each
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Unformatted text preview: chapter. Answers can be found on the book website. 5. Understand the type of questions you tend to miss on exams (basic info=more time studying, problem solving=practice, misreading=be more careful on exams, etc) 6. Study groups. 7. Free tutoring is offered by the Office of Educational Services. AMU room 317, 288-3270....
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