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Printdate: 9/8/2009 3:27:00 PM Revision: α. 2 Page 1/1 Theo 1001: Introduction to Theology (Term 1310) Mark Johnson (Coughlin Hall, 213; 8-7646) 2-page Reflective Essay For our first project this semester I’m having you write a 2- page reflective essay entitled “Who am I now?.” The purpose of the essay is two-fold: 1. To get you to analyze yourself, identifying and assessing the elements that make you up, and, above all, subjecting those elements to scrutiny. 2. To provide something of a measuring-stick mark at the beginning of the semester, to allow us to re- do this exercise at the end of the semester to see whether, and in what ways, you may have changed how you think about things. Some Ideas to Work With Here are some suggestions (not binding, but quite reasonable) for questions I’d like to see you address in the paper. Who were the formative people in your life and why? What experiences stand out in your memory as being important to your moral development?
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