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BISC 1001 – Contemporary Issues in Biomedical Sciences Syllabus The objectives of the course are: 1. To provide an introduction to the content of the Biomedical Sciences curriculum by discussing selected topics of current interest in health and medicine. 2. To develop critical thinking and problem solving skills using small group discussions. 3. To discuss the process by which the results of biomedical research become accepted scientific knowledge. 4. To inform the students about opportunities and resources that will enrich their experience in the major and aid them in their future careers. Grading and attendance: Grading will be based on attendance and on group work projects that will be turned in and graded, on a pass/fail basis. Any combination of failures in group work projects and absences (excused or unexcused) adding up to
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Unformatted text preview: three will result in a failure in the class. There will be no make up assignments. Class schedule: Date Faculty Topic 9/4 Peoples/Siebenlist Intro to the course & the BISC curriculum 9/11 Rajala Anatomy - BISC 4130, 2135, 2136 9/18 Kos/Shinners Microbiology - BISC 3115, 4165 9/25 Peoples/Student panel Surviving and thriving in the BISC major 10/2 Bell Pathology - BISC 3150 10/9 Ghasemzadeh Molecular Pathology - BISC 4160 10/16 Choi Neuroanatomy – BISC 4140 10/23 Midterm Break 10/30 Morrell Getting the most out of advising 11/6 Baker Pharmacology - BISC 4120 11/13 Carroll Histology & Embryology 11/20 Laurie Goll Career options & requirements for professional schools 11/27 Thanksgiving Break 12/4 Peoples/Mantsch Research in biomedical sciences 12/11 TBA...
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