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WIKIPEDIA ASSIGNMENT AND GUIDELINES Dr. Knox This course focuses on the “big picture” of the development of Western Civilization so we often move rapidly past periods and topics that tweak your interest. This writing assignment is designed to allow you to explore one of these areas, while also providing an opportunity to develop your analytical skills. Specifically, this assignment asks you to evaluate the reliability of a Wikipedia article on a particular topic. Wikipedia is an on-line, open source encyclopedia []. It has been praised for its easy access and democratic origins, and also vilified for the inaccuracies and biases that emerge from multiple, and not necessarily expert, authors. Some professors will not allow you to cite a Wikipedia article for a paper—not only for its questionable accuracy, but because it is a tertiary source. Nonetheless, tertiary sources which include most encyclopedia articles and textbooks, represent a starting point for research. They attempt to present the general understanding of a topic, but they generally do not enter into debates over historical understanding and significance, or have the space to engage in sustained source analysis and discussion of the historical context. A good encyclopedia article will set up those issues, provide you with a guide for further reading, and lay the groundwork for your own research. Obviously, this means you need to read an encyclopedia article as critically as any other primary or secondary source—the task of this assignment. Choosing an article: You should let your curiosity influence you—for example, you could use this assignment to find out more about the pyramids at Giza than the textbook covers. Feel free to talk with Dr. Knox or Ms. Dillenburg if you are having trouble deciding on a topic. Once you have identified a potential article, it must be approved by Dr. Knox. In order to keep track of confirmations, you must send her an email with the proposed article (include the URL). Keep a copy of her reply. Topics must be approved no later than November 5 . Late approvals will be penalized by five points; unapproved titles will lose ten points. Guidelines
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Wikipedia_Assignment[1] - WIKIPEDIA ASSIGNMENT AND...

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