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MINIATURE FLATPACK PRESSURE TRANSDUCER LEH-1AC-250 SERIES Acceleration/Vibration Insensitive Design (VIS VIBRATION INSENSITIVE SENSOR TM ) Patented Leadless Technology Ultra High Temperature Robust Construction Spot Weldable The LEH-1AC-250 series transducers are designed to meet the challenges of modern gas turbine testing. Advanced research in turbine and compressor airfoil aerodynamics will benefit from this new design from Kulite. The LEH-1AC-250 incorporates the latest Kulite patented technologies in pressure sensor development. One of these patented innovative technologies makes the LEH-1AC-250 insensitive to acceleration forces. 1 KULITE SEMICONDUCTOR PRODUCTS, INC. One Willow Tree Road Leonia, New Jersey 07605 Tel: 201 461-0900 Fax: 201 461-0990 Continuous development and refinement of our products may result in specification changes without notice - all dimensions nominal. (J) Note: Custom pressure ranges, accuracies and mechanical configurations available. Dimensions are in inches. Dimensions in parenthesis are in millimeters.
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