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lisp - T(cons car lis(cdr lis(defun...

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Sheet1 Page 1 (defun myappend(L1 L2) (cond ((NULL L1) L2) ((NULL L2) L1) (T (CONS (CAR L1) (myappend (CDR L1) L2))) )) (defun mylast(lis) (cond ((null (cdr lis)) (car lis)) (T (mylast(cdr lis)) ) )) (defun mylist(lis) (cond ( (null (cdr lis)) (car lis)
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Unformatted text preview: ) ( T (cons( car lis ) (cdr lis ) )) )) (defun unnest(lis) (cond ( (atom (car lis)) (unnest (car lis)) ) ( (not(null (cdr (car lis)))) (unnest (car lis)) ) ( T ( (car lis) (unnest(cdr lis)) ) ) )) sdfle...
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