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EEL-5840 Elements of Machine Intelligence PROGRAMMING ASSIGNMENT FORMAT The basic approach is for you to give us "your best" and treat programs as "reports" to be submitted for evaluation by someone who does not know anything about computers, but that has authority over you. Give us, WHOs, WHATs, WHENs, WHEREs, and HOWs of your programs. REQUIRED SECTIONS AND WORTH I. Statement of the Problem (A Header page with your name, course, date, etc.) What was required by the problem - restate it in your own words, i.e., (What you are asked to do) 10% II. Your Approach (What you decided to do - plan of attack)
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Unformatted text preview: 10% III. Algorithm and Program Logic Flow (How did you do it) 20% IV. Program Listing, Results, Test Cases (>3 cases) (Your program must be fully documented) Append your listing of your code to the test cases and format using your favorite word processor. Turn in using 8.5” x 11” paper. 50% V. Conclusion and Remarks (What you learned, any special situations, etc.) 10% Use 1 side of the paper ONLY ! If you do not inlude trial runs, I have very little to grade… NO LATE PROGRAMS ACCEPTED ! If in doubt, document,document,document,. ..,document. ...............
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