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Chem 6BL Experiments 5-6 Practical Guides Page 1 of 5 EXPERIMENT 5 GUIDE Semimicro Qualitative Analysis In this experiment, you will investigate a mixture of nine common metal ions (Ag + , Hg 2 2+, Cu 2+ , Bi 3+ , Mn 2+ , Fe 3+ , Ni 2+ , Cr 3+ , and Zn 2+ ). In Part I, you will study a series of typical reactions for each ion individually and construct a reaction matrix based on the results obtained. In Part II, you will follow a semimicro qualitative analysis scheme to detect the metal ions in an unknown mixture that may contain any number of these ions. You will first separate the metal ions into three major groups, each of which contains ions exhibiting a common chemical property that is the basis of the separation based on solubility. Specific tests are then run to analyze each of those groups for their components. For comparison purposes, you will run all tests in Part II on your unknown and a “control”/known sample (containing all of the ions in question) simultaneously. This guide contains a list of expected learning outcomes, laboratory procedures & laboratory report hints, and some of the common lab-specific questions often asked by students in this course. The identity of the author(s) of any new questions posted will remain anonymous. However, I reserve the right to modify any of the questions in order to provide clarity to the reader. EXPECTED LEARNING OUTCOMES Upon successful completion of this experiment, you should be able to: Use proper technique to conduct semimicro procedures of analysis Operate a centrifuge correctly Understand the conceptual basis of the qualitative analysis separations used in a qualitative analysis scheme Relate experimental observations to written chemical reactions Observe/interpret experimental clues and use deductive reasoning to make reasonable
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5-6 Guide - Chem 6BL Experiments 5-6 Practical Guides...

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