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Lab Notebook & Report Guide

Lab Notebook & Report Guide - Laboratory Notebook...

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CHEM 6BL Laboratory Notebook & Report Guide Page 1 of 4 Laboratory Notebook & Report Guide NOTE: The lab reports for Experiments #1, #4A, #5 & #6 must be completed using a customized laboratory report worksheet. Read the worksheet carefully to see which sections of the lab report need to be written-up by hand in your lab notebook. Before Each Experiment Complete all prelab questions into your lab notebook (see prelab assignment due dates in the lab schedule provided in the class syllabus). Keep your prelab assignments to their own separate sheets in your lab notebook. Before each lab period, you must also write in your notebook a synopsis of the experimental procedure that will serve to help you be well prepared for lab that day. During The Experiment Any data and (visible) observations that are relevant to the experiment must be written down directly in your lab notebook (not on a loose piece of paper!!!). Every page of raw data must be turned in to your TA before the end of lab. This is the only proof we have that you have done the work! If you do not turn in your data at the end of the period, it will be assumed that you have cheated. Do not let this happen! It is also strongly recommended that you do some 'quick-and-dirty' calculations in your "raw data" to see if your numbers are even in the ballpark. After The Experiment: The Lab Report Complete the postlab assignment in your lab notebook (on pages/sheets from your lab notebook that are separate from the rest of your "formal" lab report). Start the "formal" lab report (i.e., Abstract through Discussion -does not include postlab or raw data) on a fresh (new) page. When writing your lab report, use 3 rd person (i.e., "passive" voice) and past tense (e.g., you should say: "A titration was performed. .." rather than "I performed a titration. ..") Leave room for the Abstract section (approx. half a page): you will complete it last . Write your Introduction : Start off with the purpose of the experiment: e.g., "The purpose of this experiment is to use the quantitative technique of gravimetric analysis to determine the concentration of aluminium ion in a solution of unknown concentration.” You must then discuss the methods, theoretical background and fundamental concepts covered in the experiment. Include any relevant chemical/mathematical equations and chemical structures. The lecture notes posted on WebCT and the introduction section of the lab manual will be useful when you write this section of the lab report. However, do not simply “regurgitate” the lab manual!!!! You must write your introduction in your OWN words!!!!!!
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CHEM 6BL Laboratory Notebook & Report Guide Page 2 of 4 Next is the Experimental section: List all chemicals/materials used, experimental procedures/protocols followed, and any
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Lab Notebook & Report Guide - Laboratory Notebook...

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