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CHEM 6BL Laboratory Report Format- Basics LAB REPORT FORMAT (BASICS) Below is a basic description of the CHEM 6BL lab report format requirements. Refer to the CHEM 6BL Lab Manual- General Information & Appendices- Pages 17-19 and the Lab Notebook & Report Guide posted on WebCT for a more detailed description of the lab notebook and lab report requirements for this course. The Experiment Guides posted on WebCT also includes useful experiment-specific lab report formatting information. The Excel Graphing Guide posted on WebCT provides specific graphing instructions for each relevant experiment. Abstract First sentence: describes experimental method used Then, mostly results: Ave ± 2 σ w/ correct # of significant figures. Example: 0.01000 M ± 0.00050 M, NOT 0.01000 M ± 0.0005012 M!) Unknown numbers must be included. Example: "The concentration of the aluminum solution (Unknown #35) was found to be [. ..]". In most experiments (exception: Experiments
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